Tumlinson Electric specializes in various types of projects including commercial, industrial, medical, high-tech, educational, municipal and institutional. TE has a proven experience in striking the balance of technical requirements, practical needs and financial restraints in completing projects it has been awarded. By applying multiple phases prior to installation into our project approach, TE provides the skills, training and labor needed to satisfy the service needs and demands for the project from start to finish.


Tumlinson Electric has the ability to conceptualize a project at a very early stage and develop an accurate and representative price based upon the early design criteria of the project. Early budgetary pricing will include a detailed estimate that will be updated to reflect changes to the scope as the design progresses and the scope becomes more defined. The Tumlinson Electric team will work proactively with project design team in providing the most cost effective design and construction methodology. TE will evaluate different distribution schemes, lighting layouts, and wiring methods in our efforts to minimize cost and maximize quality.


Tumlinson Electric has the capabilities to engage early in the project to assist the architect and/or engineer in collaborating on the design of the project. Be engaging early, Tumlinson Electric have identify ways to reduce costs and time for construction, improve constructability and add value. The Tumlinson Electric team will work cooperatively with the design team in providing the following:

  • Design assistance

  • Value engineering

  • Constructability

  • Cost Estimating

  • Schedule

  • Permitting

  • Procurement

  • BIM

  • Site Issues

  • Maintenance


Tumlinson Electric’s Preconstruction Services include documents review, schedule development, budget estimating, value engineering, vendor solicitation and pre-qualification, construction stating and site management planning and QA/QC development.


Tumlinson Electric employs trained individuals who can provide I&C services such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Distributed Control Systems (DCS). We can provide installation and setup, field testing, calibration, documentation and data sheets for all of our installs.


Tumlinson Electric low voltage system experience includes a vary of systems including voice/data cabling, access control, surveillance, AV, paging and other specialty systems. We provide install and design services for any of you low voltage system needs.


Our medium voltage installation services include XFMR, Infrastructure, switchgear and control relays, high voltage cells, capacitor batteries and filters, static switches, automated transfer switches and UPS systems.


Tumlinson Electric provides a fully staffed service department. Rather on-call or on site services, our electricians can assist with any installation, maintenance and repair needs. Our maintenance services include electrical, instrumentation and controls, and low voltage systems.

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